2015 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Recipients


Sophie McIndoe - Rebecca Gray Dance (Auckland)

Level 1                                
Noah Smith - Jazz Time (Invercargill)

Level 2                                
Cleo Tuke-Yee - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 3                                
Aidan Gleeson - Rebecca Gray Dance (Auckland)

Level 4                                
Maia Perry - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland) 
Amelia Angus - Rebecca Gray Dance (Auckland)

Level 5                                
Ella Sullivan - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 6                                
Charlotte Barclay - Rebecca Gray Dance (Auckland)

Level 7                                
Ava McKenzie - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 8                               
Chance McKay - Dance Effects (Hamilton)

Level 9                              
Renee Salesa - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Level 10                              
Tayla Shepherd - Jazz Time (Invercargill)
Sarah Wilson - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Solo Seal                           
Zeelan Talagi - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)


All scholarship recipients receive a tuition scholarship to their studio to be dispersed by the studio owner, and a certificate of recognition.

Congratulations to the students and studios listed.